Tips for Decorating a B&B

If you own a B&B, or perhaps you are considering opening one in the future, here are some trends in décor and themes across the world today:

  • The greener the better; people are always looking for ways to be better to the environment in almost every aspect of their lives. Travelling is one area where going green has been becoming noticeably more critical. Going green may sound expensive and complicated, but can be as simple as asking guests to reuse towels and linens, purchasing washable ikea sofa covers, investing in organic bedding, trying out chemical-free cleaners and cleaning products, or merely adding a recycling bin to bedrooms and common areas.
  • Plush robes; travellers love luxury, and sometimes a small touch as simple as a great bathrobe can leave travellers with a fabulous impression of a B&B.
  • Lighting; having lamps or dimmers in bedrooms can also enhance travellers’ experience, as it makes the room feel warmer and cosier, especially at night.
  • Locks for the door; travellers appreciate being able to lock up their belongings when they are not in their room, or even if they are. Providing locks for the door, or a safe in the room can be extremely important.
  • Colour contrasts; no matter what the theme of the rooms are, having pops of colour make a B&B interesting, up to date and, most importantly, memorable.
  • Unique art and fixtures; having different art items and décor that tell or have stories is a great way to grab the undivided attention of guests. It helps guests connect with your B&B, is also fascinating and an exciting draw for people from all over.

Here are some great décor themes for the bedrooms and common areas in your B&B:

  • Modern industrial; many travellers love the feel of concrete countertops, metal bed frames and the clean and sophisticated feeling of more modern and industrial décor. This is also an affordable and durable way to decorate or update rooms.
  • Cabin classic; fireplaces (real or electric), shiplap wood panelling and plaid are a way to attract guests as well. Guests undoubtedly love the feeling of being in a cabin, and who can blame them? Cosy, comfy and warm is a great way to be when travelling.
  • Beachy chic; if you have a place on, or close to, the beach, try pastel hues, white shiplap boarding, seashells or even a nautical theme. This helps to really sell the beach vacation to guests and make them feel relaxed.
  • Boho bold; trying big plants, fun patterns and more boho styles is another very current trend. This is especially the case for B&Bs in locations where this boho trend is prominent in other areas of the neighbourhood as well. This can draw a younger demographic as well.