Avoiding Smoking in B&Bs

It is rare to find a bed and breakfast that allows guests to smoke. This is largely the result of recent laws. When a smoking ban came into effect within UK public spaces it affected attitudes towards cigarette use. This legislation also improved public health. B&B owners naturally want to create a welcoming environment for both employees and guests. Therefore, cigarettes tend to be banned. However, people can use nicotine pouches as an alternative.


The website Northerner sells Velo nicotine pouches to those who want to make the switch from smoking. These slim products are made by the producers of LYFT and Epok. There are eight unique flavours on offer. The products will appeal to B&B guests who still want to enjoy nicotine. Owners of B&Bs will often restrict smoking as it causes bad smells and stains on walls. This will not be an issue if the guest uses pouches instead.