Important Bed and Breakfast Design Features

When designing a bed and breakfast, it’s important to get things right. Famous for a more homely feel, bed and breakfasts tend to be on the more simple end of the spectrum. But that doesn’t mean design can be compromised. Here are some of the most important design features for a bed and breakfast.


Including good mirrors is something guests will be looking for, and the right ones will earn you extra credit in any reviews of your establishment. You can find mirrors that will add to your overall design, while also having a practical use. Full-length mirrors are often loved by guests, as they allow for a whole outfit to be seen. Multiple mirrors are recommended, including a full-length one near the wardrobe and a smaller one at a desk to make applying makeup more convenient.

Bed Linen

It’s crucial that any bed linen is in keeping with the decor of the rest of the room. If the bed linen doesn’t match, guests will notice and will often think the place looks a bit tacky. Generally speaking, minimalism is best with the bed sheets, with white being a good option as it gives a sense of cleanliness and can be a bright addition.