How to Ensure Your Bed and Breakfast Has Good Online Ratings

The world has gone digital, and most people who are looking for accommodation go online for recommendations. This means that if you own or manage a bed and breakfast, you should see to it that your ratings and reviews are good. It would be best if you never underestimated what a few bad reviews can do to your flow of visitors. Some of the things to do to boost your online ratings are as follows.

Good Customer Care

The hospitality industry is defined by customer care. From the moment someone clicks to your site to make an inquiry, to when they pack their bags to leave your bed and breakfast, they should feel valued. Master the different aspects of customer care and make every person who comes to your establishment feel that they matter.

Quality Services

It is not enough for you to have good customer care. You must follow through with giving good services. The rooms should be clean. The food should be well made, and you should go out of your way to make sure that your guests are comfortable if you want them to give you a good review. Keep doing research on how to

make customers happy, and you will see the ratings of your B&B going up.

Be Unique

It is the small things, such as having decorative wall paintings from and other unique pieces that set you apart from the rest. People are likely to give you good reviews when you put effort into making the room presentable. You will especially attract nice comments from those who pay attention to detail.

Keep Your Word

There is nothing that irritates customers more than when they realise someone has lied to them. Even the small lies kill customer care and make you get poor ratings. For instance, if you said that you will pick them up for free from the airport, do not change your mind after they have arrived. They might pay, but they would never come back.

Personalised Care

The thing about running a bed and breakfast is the fact that it allows you to give customers more personalised care. It is also listed as among the reasons most customers prefer it to traditional hotels. Call them by name and remind them that you are there for all their needs. Listen to their requirements, and if they complain about something, do not brush it away. Attend to them as though they are the only reason you are in business. If you do this, you will not only earn their trust, but they will want to recommend you to other people by leaving reviews. Use an evaluation form at the end of their stay where visitors share their experience and use it as a recommendation on what you can change for the better.