Why Internet is an Important Amenity for Bed and Breakfasts

In this digital age, one of the amenities that guests will ask for before booking a bed and breakfast establishment is whether it has internet access. The number of people who are prioritising internet when choosing their accommodation of choice has been increasing. Some of the reasons why people will always want a B&B that has stable internet connection are as follows.

To Explore Surrounding

Most people who are staying at B&Bs are tourists who are interested in finding out what is happening around them. This is made easier when they can just log in online and check the area around them. The fact that the internet gives them an opportunity to read the reviews of what has been said about places where they are planning to go makes things even better for them. Without the internet, it becomes extremely difficult to know how to find other places during the travel.


Visiting a B&B that is connected to the internet is convenient, especially for international travellers. Getting a sim card to browse using a mobile provider can be a tedious and expensive process. It gets even worse if the guests are on roaming network, and are being charged a lot of money to access the internet. It is a sigh of relief when you wank into a B&B that has internet.


Most B&Bs do not have elaborate entertainment options like the ones found in luxury hotels. This means that the visitors might have to find ways to get entertained. It is easier and better if the B&B has a good internet connection that allows guests to stream movies, access social media platforms, and even access news channels. They can also use the internet to communicate with friends and family back home.

Being able to get the internet at the establishment also enhances a sense of security and safety. Guests can reach out to other people if they feel like they are in danger. They can also use it to call for transport using taxi-hailing apps.