Three Tips for Decorating Your Bed and Breakfast Rooms

The business side of opening or owning a bed and breakfast may seem like the main priorities in your planning process, but interior design is equally important. Whether you’re going for an eclectic modern look or a classy vintage feel, here are three pieces of advice that are suitable for every room in your bed and breakfast.

1. Use accessories to your advantage. Key furniture pieces, although they make their own statement, are not always enough to give a room the cosy feeling you want for a bed and breakfast. Add small touches like textured cushions, a statement mirror or a stylish wall clock. What makes this tip a winner, is that it can often allow you to cut costs, without sacrificing on appearance.

2. Ensure you have sufficient lighting options. One thing that can undoubtedly make or break any room is the lighting. You neither want it to be too dim or too bright, so installing either a well-balanced brightness or adding dimmers are the best options. Bedrooms should also always have lamps, to give your guests other choices for this essential factor in every living space.

3. Always use quality fabrics and linens. Every guest expects the most exquisite quality linens, towels and robes in their room. This does not necessarily mean that your bed and breakfast needs Egyptian cotton sheets, but comfort needs to be considered at all times. Even if it means spending slightly above your budget, it’s an investment into the success of the interior of your bed and breakfast.