Five Career Types Within the Bed and Breakfast Industry

While bed and breakfasts may not require as many staff as accommodation types such as hotels, they still need various employees to achieve success in the hospitality industry. Whether it’s a lead role in the business, or something temporary, the following five positions are essential for running a successful bed and breakfast.

Bed and Breakfast Owner

This title is for the person who started the business, (or bought it), and involves an extensive list of responsibilities. These include overseeing the finances and management, as well as maintaining the business licenses, ensuring safety measures are in place, and marketing the bed and breakfast.

Bed and Breakfast Manager

Owners of smaller bed and breakfasts might take on this role too, but most employ a manager as they cannot be there at all times. The manager will ensure that operations run smoothly, take bookings, check on the other staff, and facilitate between the owner and the team. A manager might also have to control finances, be it cash payments or online transfers from every booking, which is then handed over to the owner. Once the owner is no longer on site, all responsibilities fall on the shoulders of the manager.

Front Desk Assistant

This title, as it implies, entails working behind the front desk at the entrance of the bed and breakfast. It includes welcoming guests, checking them in, answering any questions, and assisting them in any way possible. Front desk assistants will also answer the phone, reply to emails, help the manager with handling bookings, and often receive payments from guests.

Housekeeping Staff

Regardless of what anyone thinks, housekeeping staff are the essence of any good type of accommodation. They take the role of tidying, what guests came to the bed and breakfast to avoid, and add the luxury factor to any getaway. Housekeeping is also responsible for cleaning the rest of the building, such as the foyer and lounge areas, to keep the bed and breakfast looking pristine at all times. No matter how big the building, every bed and breakfast needs a dedicated person to take on this title. Many businesses might hire a cleaning company to come in, rather than employ individual staff, but the fact still remains, that no business can run without them.

Kitchen Staff

Although a bed and breakfast does not need kitchen staff at all times of the day, the emphasis on breakfast definitely requires cooks to feed the guests each morning. Usually, this will only be one or two staff, as bed and breakfasts seldom have to cater for large amounts of people. It is important that this person has the skills to impress with their cooking, as they will be offering the only available meal of the stay.