Grounding Yourself at the Out ‘n’ About Treehouse Bed and Breakfast

The idea of bed and breakfast might bring to mind a cosy cottage in the countryside, but not all the best choices are the most predictable ones. The Out ‘n’ About Treehouse bed and breakfast is a combination of the traditional accommodation type and the childhood memories of a backyard treehouse. Located alongside the Siskiyou National Forest in Oregon, it offers the luxury of a getaway, with the peace and therapeutic properties of being in nature. Here are the best aspects of this innovative bed and breakfast choice.

Scenic Views

Many bed and breakfasts offer great views, but few match the beauty of Oregon, visible from these treehouse rooms. Whether looking at the forest itself, or across the small bodies of water found all over the site, this option guarantees tranquillity, and is the perfect place to rejuvenate from city life.

Outdoor Activities

Out ‘n’ About is passionate about the beauty of nature, and offers various activities to allow for the full outdoor experience. These activities include ziplining, a Tarzan style swing, horse riding at the Morgan Horse ranch on site, river rafting, hiking, biking, live music events and even art and crafts workshops. Whether you’re there with a loved one, a group of friends or the whole family, you’ll never run out of fun and thrilling things to do.

Impeccable Treehouse Construction

The treehouse accommodation at Out ‘n’ About is designed according to three layouts; either with two, three, or four trees. The houses are built firmly between the trees, to offer safety and ease of access, planned out down to the last inch of space. The treehouses are also fitted with a porch so that you can relax and enjoy the views outside or alternatively rest inside, with full amenities like bathrooms and WiFi.

Welcoming and Hospitable Atmosphere

What makes this bed and breakfast option so individual, may very well be the close-knit spirit with which the accommodation is run. The business is independently owned, and the owner Michael Garnier is involved on site with the management of the facilities. The staff offer personal assistance and guidance on tours and activities. Each morning, a home-style breakfast is served to guests, including tea, coffee, juices, cereals, eggs, muffins, waffles, fruit and more, to keep you sustained throughout your adventures for the day.

With the opportunity for this innovative experience so readily at hand, the Out ‘n’ About Treehouse bed and breakfast is a beautiful choice both in and out of season. This choice offers a vacation like no other, with childhood nostalgia, and a love for nature, at the heart of the experience. Lovers of adventure, and the outdoors will definitely want to add this spot to their list.