The Jailhouse Inn: An Historical Bed and Breakfast Adventure

The Jailhouse Inn is situated in Preston, Minnesota, and is a renovated version of the original Old Fillmore County Jail and Carriage House from 1869. With its rich history and vintage design, what was once a place for the lost, is now a sanctuary for holidaymakers and locals alike. There are 12 guest rooms within this bed and breakfast, each one built in honour of one of the Sheriffs who worked at the jail throughout its operational years. The rooms are named the Fan Room, the Rose Room, the Sun Room, the Detention Room, the Amish Room, the Drunk Tank, the Master Bedroom, the Oriental Bedroom, the Processing Room, the Cell Block, the Court Room and the Bridal Suite. Many of the rooms are named after their original purpose in the jail, and each room offers an interior decorated to the styles from various periods during the 1900s.

While staying at the Jailhouse Inn, guests can choose from a variety of indoor and outdoor activities. These include facilities for hiking and biking trails, canoeing, tennis courts, swimming pools, antique shops, movies and local plays in the nearby vicinity. For a peaceful stay filled with fascinating history, the Jailhouse Inn is the place to be.